Hot Yoga is for Everyone!

Maybe it's the benefits of sweating with hot yoga, or the nifty weight loss that you may not even notice at first that come along with a bikram yoga practice, but I know that whenever you find an activity that makes you feel this good….you get kind of into it...

Obsessed.... Addicted.......  

A Hot Yoga Class can leave you wanting to skip through the streets yelping for kale juice. 

In your car driving home after a class you might let out an uncontrollable joy-cry of "Oh my God, I feel so flippin' ALIVE!" 

I want more... MORE..  M O R E !!!!

I can honestly say I was excited and terrified when I went to my first class.  I was scared I would not make it through. I even asked about leaving the room if I got lightheaded or anything and felt I needed to get out of the heat..  FYI the studio rules can be pretty strict.  Anyway, they said it was OK but they recommended staying in the hot room and going into child's pose if that happened.  Well I noticed a few others do this and I think I did it once, but I made it.  I was exhausted when I left and I swear I was at the first red light when my energy was already back..  I was psyched and felt like I could go do it again!  It was that energizing!!  

And so my love affair with the hot room and the structure of a bikram series began.

You want to get online after your bikram yoga class because you want to know......

  • How do I do that pose?  
  • How hot was that room?
  • How often can I do this?  
  • What are the benefits?

... OK  I could probably list a hundred things but you see what I mean.

Never been to a bikram yoga class?  That means you may have a million and one questions about it right?  You have come to the right place.

  • What is bikram?
  • What is hot yoga?
  • Is it good for me?
  • Is it a good workout?
  • What if I have never done yoga before?

We will answer all of these questions for you and more...

Welcome to the most amazing online resource For Everything HOT YOGA!

The internet is a vast place. There is lots of information out there about hot yoga, but it's often buried deep within regular yoga sites.   Believe us we have looked.

We are here to bring the heat of yoga into the spotlight! To tease that information out of the regular yoga information, and bring it to you in a highly filtered, researched, and well presented way.   If you already love it welcome, and if you haven't tried it yet we hope that we can convince you how awesome it is and that you really should give it a try!  Your body, mind and spirit will all thank you...

We are here for you whether you are already a fan or a wanna be..   we have something for everyone!

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  • Barkan Method People.
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Jump in whatever your level..