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Even the words "Bikram Yoga NYC" conjure up images of the hippest of hip of the hot yoga world, don't they?

This is YOU:

  • Wearing Phat Buddha Yoga Wear
  • Bending like Lady Gaga on top of New York City
  • Sweaty, Skinny & Loving It

I spend time on Pinterest. I've seen images of those gorgeous and lean lady yoginis doing their hot yoga practice in front of enormous windows draped in bright and sunny yellow curtains that frame the NYC cityscape.

THAT studio, my friends, is on the Upper East Side of New York City....and YOU, lucky Manhattanite, could practice there.

This page is created as way for Bikram and Hot Yoga studios in NYC to connect with their students, both new and old.

We also want new students to easily find their way to this amazingly transformative practice of hot yoga.

So, we offer another way to love on these studios - beyond Facebook, Yelp and their own sites.

If there are deals to be had - Groupon, Living Social, etc....I will offer them here.

Fun Facts About Hot Yoga in NYC

  • Bikram Yoga NYC is the name of a studio with 4 locations across the city
  • All other studios are Bikram Yoga in NYC
  • BYNYC are Manhattan's original bikram yoga studios, established in 1999
  • There are 10 official BY Studios in Manhattan as registered on the World Headquarters affiliated studio list, in addition to 5 in Brooklyn
  • There is a Moksha Yoga Studio at 6th Ave & 10th St. (I am obsessed with this style and business philosophy and I'm convinced its the next big thing.)
  • There are several other non-Bikram hot yoga studios in New York (Hot Yoga NYC) such as Earth Yoga, The Yoga Room, New York Yoga HOT, Sacred Studio, and Yoga to the People
  • reported BYNYC as the 2nd best Bikram Yoga Studio in America
  • (the same article noted that) Most celebrities go the BYNYC Midtown Studio
  • Lady Gaga and Laura Linney have practiced at BYNYC
  • NYC is home to Phat Buddha Wear

Here are Hot Yoga Studio Locations in Manhattan

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