Choosing Your Hot Yoga Mat

Choosing A Bikram Yoga Mat that Suits Your Unique Style and Needs

Q: Do you need a special hot yoga mat for Bikram Yoga?

A: No, you can use any basic non slip mats that you would use for a regular hatha yoga class (with an absorbant towel placed over it during class.)

BUT, there are certain yoga sticky mats and yoga mats made specifically for hot yoga that are much better suited as your dedicated Bikram yoga mat.

  • Thicker Mats - create more forehead cushioning during rabbit
  • Closed-cell construction - avoid moisture and bacteria from seeping into the yoga mat during sweaty workouts
  • Bikram Yoga Mats - made specifically as hot yoga mats to be used in sweaty yoga sessions such as bikram yoga, hot yoga, heated yoga, fire yoga and CorePower Yoga classes.

So what ARE the best yoga mats for Bikram yoga and where does one begin? Let's start by defining what kind of hot yogi you are, and then find a great hot yoga that best matches your needs.

The Guide to Finding Your Perfect Hot Yoga Mat

Find your Yogi Style below and you'll find a hot yoga mat to match.

gaiam 2 in 1 yoga mat

YOU: Do hot yoga, but you also dabble in other types of yoga as well. You need a versatile yoga mat that will serve both your hot yoga and traditional yoga needs.

Best Yoga Mat Option: 2 in 1 Yoga Mat by, Inc

This is the way to go if you "flip flop." One side is a regular old sticky mat, and the other is a cushiony absorbent mat for hot yoga practices. Plus it's eco-friendly since it's free from the 6 most dangerous phthalates. Machine wash. 24""W x 68""L and made in Taiwan.

The Drop-and-Go-Gotta-Go Bikram Yogi

YOU: Can't be bothered to lug a bikram yoga mat and towel around. You gag at the thought of carrying sweaty wet yoga towel in your brief case all day. There is no way you are going to go home and wash and dry this stuff in time for tomorrow AM's class.

Best Yoga Mat Option: Rent or borrow at the studio! This is a very real option for many many bikram yogis. Each studio handles rentals a little differently, but for usually about $1-2 you can borrow a mat and up to 3 towels....then hand it all back for your studio to wash. Studios are usually meticulous in their mat and towel care, so you shouldn't catch any wiffs of the others before you. You head home with only your wet yoga clothes tucked neatly into your handy Yoga Sak that contains the sweaty smell from your class.

The No Frills Basic Yogi

YOU: Need and want your own mat, but you aren't picky. You aren't thrilled or inspired by the hunt for new yoga gear. A regular green mat is fine, maybe you'll bust out and get an orange or purple one. You want a good price. Or maybe you just want to try out hot yoga with minimal investment.

Best Yoga Mat Option: 68" Yoga Essentials® Mat (3mm) by, Inc

Plain but Pretty

YOU: Are pretty much a No Frills Basic Yogi, but for the same cost why not add a little pizazz and spunk under that towel? Perhaps you do other yoga too, where you actually see your mat, so this mat can double for both practices.

Best Yoga Mat Option: A basic 3mm non-slip yoga mat that is pattern or printed with a design that gives you a wink of joy during that possible wave of pre-class dread.

Gaim Tie Dye Yoga Mat

I Like Comfort

The Al Gore Bikram Yogi

YOU: Are green. An earth-loving yogi who wants all-natural products and supports sustainability by making conscious spending choices.

Best Yoga Mat Options:

  • Natural Tubber Yoga Mats

The Bikram Devotee

YOU: Are Bikram all the way. Bring my hot yoga mat AND a towel? Nah! Somebody better find a way to combine those, baby!

Best Yoga Mat Option: Breathe Mats: The Rabbit Flap Mat

Innovative Bikram Yogis have created a product in which your towel and mat are ONE - and it has a built in flap for your feet during rabbit pose. You've gotta see this!

Light & Let's Go

YOU: Prefer a light and easy-to-carry hot yoga mat. Perhaps you practice at 2 studios: one near home and one near work. Or maybe you need to get your sticky mat to Bombay!

Best Yoga Mat Option: Lightweight Travel Yoga Mat

Drip, Drip, Drip

YOU: Are the one already standing in a puddle by Awkward Pose. You want to focus, but you are easily distracted by your towel's shortcomings. Sweat is pooling up on the floor and you can't get a grip on your mat.

Best Yoga Mat Option: Highly absorbent yoga mat such as the

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