Our Ode to Yoga Clothes

Everything we know about yoga clothes, from our observations of the hip conscious urbanites wearing Lululemon...

...to a serious breakdown and analysis of the functionality of Bikram yoga clothing.

Yoga clothes are taking over the fashion world.

Well, maybe that is a bit of an overstatement based on my personal perspective….

Maybe not on the runways in NYC, Paris and Milan…

…but I will argue that yoga clothing is proving very influential in the daily clothing choices of the young, the hip, the conscious and the urban.

You feel me Berkeley, Boulder, Portland, Sante Fe, Seattle, Chapel Hill?

Yoga Clothes as Daily Clothing

Yoga Pants are the new sweatpants.

You can get a high-end pair from Lululemon, or a budget pair at Target.

Put ‘em on and you can lounge around the house for days. They are comfy, soft and loose fitting.

But the beautiful part: you won’t even have to change when you need to run out to the store.


Because yoga pants look good. They fit well. They are flattering. They are practical. You can wear them to pick up your kids at school and not look schlubby.

Where to Find Yoga Inspired Lifestyle Clothing

Ladies (and a growing number of men) are loving the comfy yet sleek look of yoga pants...as well as all the yoga inspired clothing and accessories that they are selling alongside them...

This yoga-inspired fashion movement is evident in the ever-growing number of women’s fitness clothes stores, such as Athleta and Lululemon, popping up in shopping areas previously dominated by Banana Republic and Gap.

And for every Big Yoga store popping up in these upscale shopping malls, there are an equal number of growing little indie yoga boutiques cropping up online and in urban window shopping areas. These specialty boutiques, such as OmGirl, offer a wide range of yoga clothing with specialty options such as organic yoga clothing and bamboo clothes.

Want the biker chick meets yoga girl look? Check out Hard Tail Yoga pants.

Want to look like a dancer turned yoga girl? Check out yoga gloves at YogaPaws.

You can also find entire yoga-inspried clothing lines inside larger and traditional sporting goods stores such as REI and Title Nine Sports. Both stores offer a wide range of pRana clothing in addition to their traditional womens workout clothes.

Yoga Clothes for Yoga Workouts

So now you are wearing your {HYDE Organic Cotton Yoga Clothing}to your college lectures, but what kind of yoga gear do you need to wear for an actual yoga workout?

What do you wear to yoga class?

For a regular yoga class which is gentle and/or meditative, you will need to wear a comfortable pair of yogapants as well as a yoga top. Depending on the temperature of the room, this top could look more like a jog bra, like a racer back bra, or perhaps a loose cotton long sleeve yoga top (for cooler rooms.) Cool classes that focus more on stretching and breathing rather than sweating, make for a good opportunity to wear your organic yoga clothing.

If you want a high-quality pair of yoga pants that is well designed, flattering AND made in the USA using the greenest standards, then check out my latest discovery, the new awesome Yogasmoga.

Do you need special bikram yoga clothing for hot yoga classes?

Well, I pretty much started this site just answer that question. I know so much about hot yoga clothing options – I’m obsessed really – so I’ll tell you more than you ever wanted or needed to know.

When it comes to yoga workouts, or hot yoga classes, we need to look way beyond regular yoga pants and cute Lululemon jackets.

It’s hot in there. You are gonna sweat. Your bikram yoga clothes becomes more like functional workout gear (that needs to wick moisture and withstand frequent washing.)

What you wear to a Bikram Yoga Class

  • Yoga Top

For a list of brands dedicated to hot yoga and sweaty workouts, such as Phat Buddha Yoga Wear, check out our Bikram Yoga Clothing page.


Currently our most visited page on this website is our Mens Yoga Clothes page. Men are wanting not only functional yoga clothing for their yoga practices, including mens yoga shorts, but men are also looking good in their yoga wear outside of the studio. Look no further than Lululemon to see how hot the new conscious man’s weekend wear can look.

We also collect vast resources on the best online boutiques to find local, organic, conscious companies, such as Asana Green, who have a great line of yoga clothing for men.

Shop For Sustainably Stylish Yoga Clothing at Asana Green.

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