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New to hot yoga?

Looking for great hot yoga deals? Did you know that almost all Bikram Yoga Locations offer deep discounts for new students?  There are some great deals out there but some may be a little hard to find.

You may even get a deeper discount if you first search Groupon and LivingSocial for deals in your area.  We have put together a little cheat sheet on how to use these sites.

Groupon Yoga Deals

You want to try Bikram. But the perfect yoga Groupon deal hasn't magically arrived in your inbox yet?

No worries. We find the deals and offer them to you here.

To Find A Great Deal In Your City.. Start here

We will first show you groupon deals from the local Houston area.  Not from Houston.. not a problem. Change your city in the search box from Houston to wherever you are.  Search tip found here.

Due to the rapidly expiring nature of these Bikram Hot Yoga Groupon ads, please forgive us if you come across an expired ad.


Houston, TX

Up to 61 % off Bikram Yoga Westheimer (limited time)

Up to 72% off Bikram Yoga Sugarland (limited time)

New York

New York

1 month for $35 at Some Like it Hot

10 class pack deal at Younique yoga


Los Angeles

5 class package or 1 month at Rise Hot Yoga

Why this service?


No one has sent you any links to any yoga Groupon deals, so you head to Groupon to search for something. A pop-up message blocks you from checking out Groupon's site until you have to signed up. Ugh. You don't want to give your email and be bombarded by constant offers of Chicken Dinners and Diamond Earrings even if they are significantly discounted. So you get creative, and google "yoga deals groupon" and some options come up. Then you noticed they all expired 8 months ago.

Never mind. You give up and decide you will just pay full price at the studio.


This nifty little site called I Dig Bikram Yoga has discovered this problem (during personal searches to find a groupon or living social yoga deal) and has created a solution. We will search the offers for you and keep our results listed here, in order of region. If you are interested in starting regular yoga or hot yoga and want to first see if there is a deal for you, start here

Groupon is the way to go if you are interested in checking out yoga. Many studios offer new students a deeply discounted first month trial membership anyway, but Groupon deals are often even lower (by about $20 I am noticing.) Occasionally, too, a deal will come through that offers something like a 3-month package that costs less than a regularly priced month. I will highlight these deals as I find them.

The way that Groupon usually works is someone sees a deal that they think you might like and they forward it to you. They have heard you saying you want to try yoga, then a yoga deal shows up in their inbox and they forward it to you. It's nice. The Universe does work that way sometimes.

Of course, it doesn't always work like that, at all. Usually it works more like this: you decide you'd like to check out a yoga class. You vaguely remember a Groupon Yoga deal you saw somewhere last Christmas. You go to Groupon's site, or maybe even Living Social or Yipit to find if they are offering any deals.

But, you run into the PROBLEM listed on the top of the page.

We offer the SOLUTION listed on the top of the page.

A huge thank you for visiting us. And congratulations on your decision to start yoga! Here's to transformational wellness for all!


Searching made easy

Directions for finding GROUPON deals for Bikram Yoga locations
in your area

  1. Click on the image below which will take you to Groupon.
  2. Fill out "bikram yoga" or "hot yoga" in the search field as shown below
  3. Type in your desired hot yoga studio location
  4. Hit the yellow GO button 
  5. Scroll down to see which deals are being offered

Directions for finding LIVINGSOCIAL deals for Hot Yoga locations
in your area

  1. Click on the sample image above which will take you to directly to LivingSocial.
  2. Fill out "bikram yoga" or "hot yoga" in the search field (it will look like the above sample but at the bottom of the screen)
  3. Type in your desired city for a hot yoga studio location
  4. Hit the blue "search" button 
  5. Scroll down to see which deals are being offered
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