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Let us tell you what is out there....

We review the best yoga videos that are currently available

  • Many are downloadable
  • Several offer unlimited access for a monthly fee
  • Some are in the form of a Yoga DVD
  • Tons are free

For specific and in-depth information on specifically hot yoga videos, please visit our Bikram Yoga DVD page.

The Best Online Yoga Video Sites

Many online yoga communities and small businesses are now offering subscription-based access to downloadable or streaming yoga videos. We have summarized the big dogs for you here.

My Yoga Online

My Yoga Online is  one of the largest online yoga and wellness resources in the world. In addition to offering their diverse selection of yoga and wellness classes, they also offer tailored wellness programs, community support and endless healthy living articles. 

My Yoga Online

You can preview, purchase and download each individual video (for about $2.99 - $7.95 each) or watch unlimited videos for a low monthly fee. For the price of a couple of downloads, you can have unlimited access for a month.


  • Free extensive yoga information (even for non-members)
  • Offers excellent in-depth step-by-step instructions on yoga asanas (also free for everyone)
  • One of the best priced Yoga Video Membership sites on the internet: only $7.95/mos when you purchase a year’s membership
  • Offers a vibrant online community, Inc

This innovative company offers their own “TV” station that focuses on conciousness and wellness subjects.

You can take yoga classes, of course, but Gaiam TV offers a wide range of other fitness classes, like Pilates and Dance (more bang for your buck!) It also surpasses its peers by offering other conscious media videos in the areas of spirituality, personal development, metaphysics and original programming (to note a few.) I could watch this "channel" all day!


  • Free 10 day trial
  • More than just yoga….includes endless cool videos on other things such as pilates, energy medicine, and Eastern Thought
  • You are supporting Gaiam - a leading consciousness business
  • $9.95/mos (cancel anytime)


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