U Fit Hot Yoga Towel

Finally! An Affordable And Absorbent Hot Yoga Towel (Or Pilates Towel Or Gym Towel) That Looks GOOD And Stays PUT!

U Fit Hot Yoga Towel Review

I am a lucky lady.

As a hot yoga blogger & website creator, of course I am obsessed with new hot yoga products.

And if I discover a new yoga product that stands out to me: high quality, affordable, highly absorbent, etc.....well, then, sometimes I've just gotta try it.

Fast forward to me contacting this new company, U Fit, and asking me to send me one of their intriguing looking towels!

Guess what? They are super nice, and they sent me one!

It arrived immediately and I ripped open the package.

And there she was.

Thick. Soft. Beautiful. New.

The UFit yoga towel package includes a handy dandy little hand towel too - like a bonus gift!

There was not much to do except take this Beauty to a hot yoga class, PRONTO.

I was very, very, very excited to be at class, trying out this new towel.

I just hoped it was absorbent, and that it laid flat. I hate hot yoga towels that move around and curl up on the edges.

Well, no matter how I tried to figure it out, I couldn't sneak my iPhone into the steamy class.

So, I couldn't photograph. I'm just gonna have to use words to tell you how it went in there.

1. This hot yoga towel perfectly fit my mat with a little extra to spare. I felt neat and tidy in a sea of bunched up white & borrowed towels.

2. The U Fit Yoga Towel laid perfectly flat! Didn't slip around. The corners stayed 98% flat. Loved it.

3. It looked lushious. I felt fancy.

4. It felt strong, thick, and soft to the touch. Felt like it could handle lots of sweat and multiple washings. It's really thick and sturdy.

5. During the floor sequence, I noticed that my sweaty palm left a distinct sweat-print in the towel. Minutes later I noticed that the sweat-print was gone. U Fit Pilates towel is absorbent like I've never seen before.

Here's how the towel held up in class. This is it exactly as it was at the end of class (FLAT!)

Look at how flat those corners are! Look at how this towel stays PUT!

And some fantastic bonus information:

I forgot a dang towel to use for showering after class. So, I used the little hand towel that comes with U Fit Gym Towel....

...and that little bugger, as compact as it is, was so absorbent that I used ONLY a U Fit Hand Towel to dry off completely after a shower - head-to-toe. Unbelievable!

The Round Up on the UFit Yoga Towel

So, I don't know how they do it, because this is totally a $60 towel in value.

Yet, they offer it (including the hand towel) for $34.95

This is definitely a product and a company to watch. I am delighted to have discovered a truly affordable yet very high quality yoga product.

Thank you, U Fit, for this great product. And thank you for offering me one so that I can share it's virtues with our readers!

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of U Fit and I do not earn any money by publishing this review.

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